Chance Interviews Aria Tigereyes

Author: Chance Colette

When Aria and I met, we had an instant connection. Strange how that happens sometimes, but it did. This girl is FUN!!! Aria has done several shoots with us for CLSwim, so it was about time I did an interview with her for this blog! See her answers below :-) XO Chance

Aria Tigereyes and Chance Colette for Chance Loves– Describe yourself in 5 words
*Weird, Funny, Dancer, Student, High Energy (oh that was 6 words)
– Elaborate on one of the words you chose to describe yourself
*High Energy- I love to know everything about everything and I love to try new things

Chance Loves Interviews Aria Tigereyes

– What is it about dance you love so much and when did you start?
*I love the energy and emotion of dance and how you can connect without ever saying a word (which is weird since I can never seem to stop talking) Dance is the universal language- did you know that?
– No, I had no idea, but it makes sense! Do you practice every day, and what types of dance can/do you do?
*This year I took a break from team to focus on school but I still dance 6-10 hrs at week. I go to a Art school where dancing is part of my day along with Acting and Singing.