The Newest Chance Loves Collections' Eco swimsuits have all been made with Sustainable fabrics!

But what does "Sustainable" actually mean, why is all this so great and why should you care?

chance loves swimsuits a planet friendly conscious brand

Well... there are many reasons to why you should care!!!
Most swimsuits are made from synthetic fabrics — and it’s not hard to see why. Synthetic fabrics have performance qualities that enable swimsuits to have the necessary stretch and durability as well as resistance to chlorine, saltwater, and

recycling clear bottles to make recycled sustainable fabric

But, synthetic fabrics come at a cost to the environment, requiring lots of energy and petroleum for their production all while creating non-biodegradable waste in the process. The raw materials and by-products pollute water and air, and can cause several health problems.

Fortunately however, synthetic fabrics can now be made from Recycled Plastic Clear Bottles and Fishing Lines!

plastic bottles in ocean recycling for Chance-loves-swimwear fabric

Let's face it, unfortunately most of us have a love affair with plastics... It's so convenient, and hard to avoid, however we need way less of it. But, since the problem can't be fixed overnight, we might as well help the planet by re-using the plastic that's already out there. This way it won't end up in the landfills, and in our Oceans...

plastic clear bottle recycling to recycled fabric

Another great benefit from using recycled clear plastics is that the process to make yarn requires way less energy and resources. In fact, it can be over 50% less energy/heat, which is a big difference, and no new petroleum has to be used.

california golden orange sunset chance loves swimwear

Your swimsuit could actually be recycled again to make new yarn without any loss of quality.
So even though the fabric is not biodegradable, Recycled Polyester can forever be re-used and recycled, and this is why -at Chance Loves, a planet conscious and beach sunset loving company-, we happily decided to make this change a few years ago!

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