All Chance Loves' Bikinis and One Pieces have been made with the highest quality (Sustainable) fabrics. To prolong the life of your new suit, please follow the Instructions below:

  • Always rinse your suit immediately after wearing it in salt or chlorine water.

  • DO NOT USE A DRYER as this will cause damage to the fabric, elastane, and inner components.

  • Hand wash in COLD water using very mild soap, shampoo or specialty lingerie detergent.

  • Do NOT use Woolite, bleach, regular detergent or stain remover.

  • Lie flat or hang to dry in the shade- not direct sun

  • Do NOT wear in Hot Tubs!! The heat, chlorine and rough surfaces are extremely bad for any swimsuit.

  • Swimming pools, hot tubs and prolonged periods of sun exposure will cause increased wear to your suit. Dark and bright colors will fade quicker, and is not considered a manufacturers defect.

  • Avoid Rough Surfaces, as this will cause damage and pilling.

  • Suntan oils may stain and can be harmful to the fabric of your suit.