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About Us


Chance Loves is...

...A California-based lifestyle swimwear brand, designed specifically for tween, teen, junior girls, and women. A collection that features super-soft-, on-trend bikinis, one-pieces, separates, padded tops, as well as full coverage- and active fit bottoms.

Chance Loves offers something flattering for everyone, with comfortable, age-appropriate cuts and beautiful designs.

About Us | The people behind Chance Loves Swimwear

Our Story

Chance Loves was founded in 2017, after 11 year old "Chance Colette" and her fashion-veteran mom had been tirelessly yet unsuccessfully searching for swimsuits that could keep up with Chance’s active beach lifestyle.

Too many bathing suits were either too-cutesy/silly, or on the other hand too-suggestive for that "in between age".

This dilemma seemed to be shared by many, which provided the company with instant success right out the gate.

And then it grew..

What started as a Tween Line, grew into a global Eco Brand that presently features swimwear Collections for Girls 8-16, Juniors- and young Women, with the mother-daughter duo still involved in every stitch, every style, and every shot.

Eco Swim - Recycled Fabric

Conscious about global warming and making an effort to help the planet, Chance's latest Collections have all been made with sustainable fabric, sourced from recycled clear plastics and fishing lines.

This process only requires a fraction of the water and energy required to make regular swim fabric- and keeps plastics out of our oceans. It's a High Quality super soft Swimwear Win-Win!

Exciting new things to come!

In 2024 Chance Loves will finally add Graphic tees, Cover Ups, Hoodies, Beach Jewelry, and Beach Bags to their collections!

Come back often, and take a chance on everything new Chance Loves takes on!