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Become an Ambassador!

Girls laughing on the beach pier Newport in Colorful blue orange white black swimsuits

Thank you so much for your interest!! The Sign Up form is below, but please read this FAQ first:

Does an Ambassador get Free Swimwear


Do Ambassadors get Special Discounts?


Does an Ambassador have to post photos of themselves in the swimwear?

We would love it, but it's not necessary. There are other things you can do; for ex. post a review, or show a picture of your items with the cute bags they come in.

How can an Ambassador be part of a "Chance Loves" Photo Shoot?

We receive so many requests, and as much we'd love to do a photo shoot with all of you, we just can't. Our shoots are mainly in Southern California, and photographed by Anna Simone, the co-creator of Chance Loves.

If you're a local or you're going to be visiting SoCal, contact us, and if the timing is just right, we may be able to do it. But, no guarantees.

Some girls have truly impressed us with promoting the Chance Loves brand, and we definitely keep that in mind :-)

How can an Ambassador get Exposure?

Your pictures have a chance to be re-posted to our Instagram's Profile and/or Story. Also, If you have a special talent, hobby, sport or anything else that's interesting; we would LOVE for you to be part of our "Explore" and Blog Pages!

For Example: We featured "Hollis", who at 12 years old started raising money for St. Jude Hospitals, by (foot) juggling a soccer ball and has raised over 300K so far! We did a feature on Isabella, a 17 year old who does amazing photography work, or Jacky Dejo, a 13 year old who's an Olympic snowboarding prospect and showed off her Chance bikinis in the Mentawi Islands, Indonesia.

What else can Ambassadors do?

Spread the word to Friends, Family and Social Media. Give opinions on Designs, Future Products and other types of feedback through surveys.

Will Ambassadors get rewarded?

Yes, you'll receive exposure, discount codes, Ambassador-Only-Contests/Surveys to Win a Free Item.

In any case, we think that's enough Q & A for now. Much more to come after you sign up. Please be patient with us, we're still working everything out. Thank you!!! Please fill out the form below: