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Article: Bahama Vibes with Chance Loves Swimwear

Bahama Vibes with Chance Loves Swimwear

Los Angeles based photographer Heidi Walter shot on location for Chance Loves in Staniel Cay, The Bahamas! With its crystal clear water, swimming with sharks & pigs, and amazing white sandy beaches, this place is definitely a vacation treat!

Underwater photography of a girl swimming in the Bahamas

Swimming with Tropical Fish in Crystal Clear waters of the BahamasJenna, Alyssa, and Sydney, Three 13 year old girls from Southern California made this amazing trip a few months ago, and of course had their favorite Chance Loves Bikinis packed!

Three Girls standing on the Porch of their vacation Bungalow in Staniel Cay, The Bahamas in their Chance Loves Bikinis The Girls are wearing: The Palma de Mallorca 2-Piece
The Jet Set 2-Piece, and the Seashore Meadows Bikini. 

Girl feeding a Pig in the Bahamas for a Chance Loves Photo Shoot

Girls having fun in their floaties on a Chance Loves photo shoot in the Bahamas

Girls walking in the Bahamas on White Sand and through Crystal Clear Waters wearing Chance Loves Swimwear


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