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Article: Interview with actress and model Janella Sharie from the Philippines

Interview with actress and model Janella Sharie from the Philippines

"Chance Loves" bikinis can be found in all parts of the world!! Actress and model Janella from the Philippines has accumulated quite the Chance Bikini Collection, and just send us these great shots from Boracay Island.

We asked Janella a few questions:

- Tell us in a few sentences; who is Janella Sharie?
I'm a simple girl with a soft heart and they say that I have the cutest smile. 

Two Piece black and white Halter top bikini Set

- Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
I grew up in Cavite, The Philippines, and this is my home province.


- How old are you?
I’m 16 years old

- Do you go to school full time and what grade are you in?
Yes I go to school full time and I’m in grade 11.

- When did you start your Instagram profile?
My official account started last June 2019. It's

 - Do you do any modeling in the Phillipines? Have you been in any commercials, movies or TV shows?
Yes, digital and tv commercials. Nestle ice cream, Globe telecoms and Del Monte kitchenomics. I also attended Starmagic acting workshop.

- To us it seems that it must be great to live in the Philippines. Always nice weather, beautiful beaches, great food, Are we correct?
Yes, because Philippines is a Tropical Country and we are known for being Hospitable. There are 7,107 islands surrounded by water and exotic beaches. There are more than 10,000 dishes to choose from. You come visit my country, and experience our unique culture and beauty.

- Have you ever traveled outside of the Philippines? If so, where to, and did you love it?
Yes, Singapore. I love the rides at Universal Studio and Sentosa. Their country is so clean and I wanna go back.

- If you could pick one place in the world you’d love to go to or maybe live, where would it be?

Laguna Beach, California

- Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A professional model and actress in Hollywood

- Tell us a little bit about the latest shoot you did wearing Chance Loves bikinis. Where was the shoot, how long did it take to get there, where did you stay, how long did it take, who was the photographer, etc
It was really fun because I got the chance to model for swimwear of international brand. So thankful to the people who helped me during the shoot. We stayed at Station 1 for three days. Main photographer is Jon Planas with assistant photographer and choreographer Kevin Antiquera.

- Do you like the bikinis, and which ones are your favorites? How many do you have?
Many!! And I love them all! ALOHA Spirit, MALLORCA One Piece, BOHO CHIC Bandeau Bikini, DRIFT WOOD, Laguna Art, etc.

- What do you love about them?

Softness, design, style, comfy, the quality, and they fit me very well.

- What else would you like to see us do for our next collection?

More lines, colors, and unique cuts.

Please finish these sentences:

- Favorite person(s) in the whole world is/are.... Anna and Chance.

- I love to listen to…. Lauv and Lany

- Season of the year I love the most..... Summer.

- My favorite movie is.... House of Us.

- I can’t live without..... munchkin & babe 1 and 2.

- Favorite foods are.... seafoods, Japanese food, and Sinigang.

- I have a crush on..... Matty Braps and Raheel.

- My favorite male actor is.... Leonardo de Carpio.

- My favorite female actor are.... Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway.

- My favorite swimwear brand is.... “CHANCELOVES” of course only the best ( ;-))

Thank you for the great photos Janella and Jon!!







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